Do you or your loved ones need any professional assistance in resolving the following list of issues?

We are Expert at Producing Results in a Session of 90 Mins for Life

1. Releasing emotional hurts – stress, tension, anxiety, depression
2. Programming mind to be exceptional in any specific skill chosen
3. Removing limiting beliefs
4. Installing desired beliefs
5. Programming for excellence to balance home and office
6. Medicine less solutions available for any illness (cancer, thyroid, obesity, bp, diabetes, skin issues, allergies, Autism, ADHD etc)
7. Solving relationship issues
8. Programming Mind of couples to resolve Infertility
9. Programming pregnant ladies for being immune to post-pregnancy depression and labour pain
10. Program mind to be happy, relaxed and calm & more.



Each person who approaches us has got solutions that they were seeking with us!


Clients are always happy as they always get extra peace and happiness apart from the solution to their current issues.


We have worked on individuals and groups with an average of 80% to 300% growth in 20 days to 5 months consistently  


To date have received 3 awards for work done with quality and consistency. 

Sheetal Vijay

Success Catalyst & Happiness Coach

Sheetal Vijay is the only Trainer in India who gives Practical solutions through Neurological Alignment. This results in an overall transformation of a Human Being at 7 levels of existence. Sheetal teaches them powerful methodologies to access the “Inner Super Conscious Power” which enhances the Personal and Professional life of individuals. Further, she guides them on living life blissfully, being in harmony with self and surroundings.

She is the Author of the books, “The Poor Misunderstood Anger”, and "Powerful Warrior”, which are Practical Guide to solving issues in any area of life, in Real-time and Accelerate Excellence at work using the Power of Subconscious Mind Author of the upcoming book “Money Mindset “A Practical Workbook On Expanding Money Mindset through Subconscious Mind Access How you do anything is how you do everything. We Work on Roots to Change the Fruits. Intense Inner Work Professional. Contact us if You want to Excel in Life at Ease.


Mahila Ratna Award – Recognition for creating Financial Independence and Women Empowerment – March 2018 

Shishaka Ratna Award - For recognition as Trainer & Coach - Sept 2017 

Performance Award - For contribution to Medicine-less Cure - Jan 2015

In my entire career, I have worked with brands like...

Contact Us to get Relaxed & have a Focused MIND with which anything is POSSIBLE…
·Magical Memory at any age with whole brain activation
· With us Learn to Accelerate Excellence using the Power of Subconscious Mind
· Partner with us and Earn Part-Time minimum 50k per month legal, ethical income
· Painless Delivery is possible and also Programing Baby in Womb for Greatness
· With us learn to scale up Your Productivity & Get Promotion & Designation You Deserve
· Prepare Teens for Life filled with Success and Happiness, not just academics scores
 · Life free from past painful memories, anger, guilt, grudges, stress, depression, fear, Learn to relax & rejuvenate in 60 secs or less & more…
One Stop Solution for all Queries and Worries towards Excellence Acceleration Purely using the Power of the Subconscious Mind…

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