A Comfortable Way to Rewire Your Brain Holistically 

Language: English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi

Instructors: Sheetal Vijay

Validity Period: 90 days

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Are you a super busy professional?

You don’t have time to work on yourself?

Do you want to live life fully and live life powerfully on your terms?

If ‘Yes’, then you are in right place.

With Customised Podcase we help you to fix all issues in life as a whole, even if you can't commit to an entire learning program but want simple and implementable solutions on daily basis.

We don't promise immediate overnight results but a significant improvement, over a span of 21-90 days can be seen, in all areas of life as the podcast is listened to regularly as part of relaxing and reprogramming activity.

Mere affirmations won’t work, there is a specific language that your subconscious mind understands and when spoken in that language only the command is accepted and executed not otherwise. Also, repetition of the right commands is equally important. Hence listening to 21 to 90 days is a must.

Customization is done purely on the personal information provided and isn't generic to be heard by all. The topics include:

  1. Breaking Stress – Deep Relaxation
  2. Charging-up Your Life
  3. Detaching from a ‘Painful Past’
  4. Diminishing Depression
  5. Forgiving – An Ancient Art
  6. Getting to be Courageous
  7. Healing Through Deeper and Intense Means
  8. Increasing Self Confidence
  9. Making Money ‘A Mantra’
  10. Reducing Anger Tendencies
  11. Sleeping Peacefully
  12. Staying Calm (Reduce Anxiety)
  13. Strengthening Relationships

Additionally, 30 days Program worth Rs. 25,000/- is a free gift for people who are willing to take the customised podcast, valid for lucky 5 people only on a 1st come 1st serve basis every week.


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