Learn Science of Transformation Online

Get transformed at the comfort of your home with simple DIY videos, backed with the group, individual coaching sessions for mastering productivity with ease. Which will help you get what you want, on your terms in your life being peaceful.  

Best Industry Experts Just at Your Service

Our Team of versatile experts with Unique Delivery Skills to influence makes transformation a comfortable journey balancing the spiritual and Materialistic aspects of life in an individual with our daily handholding.

Decades of Learnings Simplified for You

We have a collective experience of 60+ yrs & have simplified it for mastering both being & doing aspects of life in an individual. That creates a balance, harmony between Personal & Professional life with 7 level alignment  System of CEO of life.





We always work on the roots of the problems than working on the symptoms. We believe in giving long-lasting solutions



The only company in India to provide Transformation of a Human Being at 7 levels of Existence in 1 single complete program under 1 roof.



The entire team works on self on daily basis & we serve from the heart to transform our participant's life holistically. Our work is worship.



We always take a handful individuals in any batch & we do not merge batches ever. We deliver our promises before starting next batch.


It’s Not Too Late to Learn Everything about The Power Hidden in You that You Wish You Learned in School

Traditional Education has Become Irrelevant.
Learn the Subjects that Truly Matter.
From the Real-time Meditators and Experimenters of life

On a Platform that Defies Borders, Religion



We patiently listen to your concerns with a intent to suggest you solution that is needed by you. 


You will get clarity on the core areas of life, that you need to work on to sort any problem from it's roots cause and not be stuck with symptoms. 


You will get a outline on what you need to do next course of action to solve issues in your life from roots. 

Charisma Mind Programs


Charisma Mind creates programs that are grounded in Spirituality and balances the Materialistic Aspects of Human life. Learn from the real-life learners and explorers on how to ‘Live Life Powerfully Truly And How To Live The Life You Love By Creating It.’Browse individual programs in our store or get access to a life-transforming package for less than 15$ a day with handholding with Charisma Mind 90days Membership

 - Sheetal Vijay 

Sonia Achpal

Yoga consultant, Reiki master
20 years of experience, Bangalore.

Sonia who had undergone several programs across the globe before in spirituality, healing and in space of transformation also got benefited from our Signature program of 24hrs - Powerful Warrior aka, “The CEO of Life”, conducted by Sheetal Vijay and Sonia recommends the program to every individual across the globe to release the roadblocks to success and attain accelerated excellence in personal and professional life. Sonia says, ‘Sheetal is a noble soul and delivers whatever she claims, she is her word’.

Charisma Mind provides you with simple learnings in a structured way to resolve real-time issues in life from roots permanently with our support and your willingness to take actions as asked.

Seeker Guidance

We at Charisma Mind Worldwide believe in holistic and long-lasting solutions. We teach our participants to be their own guides with the proven system and processes that we share. 

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We Teach

Apart from the below list, hundreds of more areas of transformation and growth for a person or family who is willing to transform their life holistically in 360 degrees towards peace & success with our 360-degree support.

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Here are our awesome team


Subconscious Reprogramming Expert with 16+ yrs of Experience


Master Healer with 34+ yrs of Experience


Money Manifesting Mentor with 17+ years of Experience


Get more for less!!!

The Ceo Formula

Experience the CEO within the 1st step towards being a        CEO of Life

Freedom Formula

Get Independent with an additional source of income

Stability Formula

Stay Immune to Emotional Disturbances

Unique Short Services

To Solve Real-Time Issues In Life

Discovery Call

Book 1 on 1 session for 15 mins to get your personal queries resolved and understand if we can give you a 100% solution to the problem you are facing in the shortest possible time or not.

Health In Your Hands

Understand The Secrets of Health Hidden in Your Hands IN 90 mins intense live session, followed by real-time Q & A

Podcast To Detox Yourself

Spend 20 mins a day to release negativity at the cellular level, for a peaceful sleep to restore health at the mind and body level


We have a range of personal one on one solutions for our elite audiences across the world. Please book a discovery call to know more…


60 mins to connect to the peace within with 1 on 1 consultation call


90mins 1 on 1 session to eradicate a block from the mind permanently

C - Podcast

A comfortable way to rewire your brain holistically with customised instructions in podcasts for busy professionals.

Our Result Oriented Services

We have a range of customised solutions to solve real-time issues in life by assisting you to lead a life on your terms and lead powerfully, moment by moment.


Solve real-time issues in sessions designed for solving 1 specific problem at a time.

Customised Solutions

Every problem is created in the mind and can be solved through the mind. Complete holistic solution with customised packages.

Ancient Healing

Open up your energy centres in the body for bringing in balance and harmony in all areas of life...

How does Charisma Mind Worldwide work

1. Transform your life working on roots with the World’s most UNIQUE and REALTIME SOLUTION ORIENTED programs

Your time is valuable, so every minute you spend learning and implementing the action steps taught counts.

We work with real-time healers and meditators who have created one of a kind programs to help you work from roots to change the fruits in your life.

2. Make new powerful friends
The most fulfilling part of learning with CMWW is that we have smaller closed groups of learning and we don’t start a batch without 1 batch ends. It means you will never be merged with other batches and you get time to get connected with others during assignment time. We run our own private, safe, what’s app groups that allow students to collaborate, network and come together to enrich each other’s lives having the same frequency of contributing to each other’s win.
Be it online or offline the results are the same.

3. Be connected every day

CMWW programs are designed in a way that you will be associated with us in the morning as well as evening slots as per your comfort and we are there to handhold you in real-time every day. Not just the recording but the core team will be in touch with you on daily basis for any assistance you need in real-time and in weekly sessions, we take care of your issues on the go, irrespective of which part of the world you are in. 


Hear interesting stories from our lovely customers.

Sheetal is patient and keeps her word. She makes sure that her customers get what they came for. She stands by her commitments given. A compassionate and dedicated professional.

Robin ( Aparna )

Project Manager, Arizona,


Sheetal is strong-minded strong hearted with a lot of care and concern for others naturally. She has never quit attitude, towards her goals.
Have known her for more than a decade. And all I can say is SHE IS A STRONG WOMAN.

by Musheer Ahmed,

Entrepreneur, Dubai

Sheetal is somebody who will take full responsibility for one's growth and improvement. Even at times, one is resigned and cynical, she is never dulled by that behaviour nor distracted and will pull you out of any ordeal. The stand she takes for people is truly magnanimous

by Mohana Priya, 

Operation Executive, Bangalore

Sheetal is a very kind-hearted and generous person I came across. I wish her all best and pray to God, to give her more energy and strength to help people and bring more smiles to the people across the globe.

by Anil Gogia

Business Partner, Asia law house, Hyderabad

Sheetal is a very friendly and innovative person. Always eager to explore, learn & improvise it further with her own creativity and experiments and applies the same. She is full of positivity & happiness. I wish her a very bright future ahead

by Vineeta Shankar Bage

Senior Product Engg, Pune 

Sheetal is a Wonderful Person. Her Charismatic Personality is Enough to Inspire any Person. She is so Blessed that she can Transform Lives and make this Planet a Better Place. Wishing Her Great Success in Her Endeavour to help People. Thank You so much, Sheetal, for your Contribution to Mankind.

by Mihir Mohanty 

Miracle Coach, Bangalore

participants share

A few of the Brands Our Team has Worked with are 

Awards Received for the contributions done over a decade

   Mahila Ratna Award

Recognition for creating Financial Independence & Women Empowerment 

– March 2018

Shikshaka Ratna Award

Recognition as Outstanding Trainer & Coach

– Sept 2017

Performance Award

For contribution in Medicine-less Cure 

– Jan 2015

Books Written:

Get a glimpse of the works of Sheetal Vijay and real-time people shares in it who took services from her. 

This book gives access to a different perspective on anger and helps us to understand how the mind speaks to us. 

This is an upcoming book that gives you access to release the limiting blocks around money and expanding money mindset.


At Charisma Mind Worldwide we provide information, coaching, mentoring, training, support systems and tools for everyone who desires to design their lives based on their choice, not by chance. All our services are based on Core Transformations and Usage of Subconscious Mind and its resources Optimally.

406, Rajanna Layout, Maruthi Enclave, Bangalore 560043, Karnataka, India
P: 91 - 6360 293 461


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